Ian Barbour's Student Wiki

Welcome to my place on the web where I digitally manage my academic studies. The majority of the data on this wiki is extracted from my desktop version of Mendeley using Python scripts that I wrote. Each entry from my Mendeley Desktop bib files is converted to a wiki txt file and then each file is ftp'd to this wiki. The reason for using DokuWiki is that each txt file then automatically becomes a wiki page without the need for a database.

Having a wiki page for each of my Mendeley articles provides me with a place to add my notes which include quoted extracts as well as my own comments. In this when reading the article I am able to extract quotes and then these are stored in the same place as all the article citation information. This helps me know exactly how to attribute my notes when I am writing.

For copyright reasons I don't store the article pdf on this wiki - only my notes and any publicly available citation data.

I'm grateful to Stian Håklev for making his researchr wiki setup available for others to use and adapt. Without his ideas none of this would be possible.