Documentation of "researchr" by Stian Håklev

The information below is my attempt to reconstruct what is needed in order to reproduce researchr by Stian Håklev. The reason I'm doing this is that not all the information is documented on his site and I want to have a place where I can capture what I think the important elements are.

Researchr Namespaces

author Authors
bibliography Bibliography

DokuWiki plugins

Backlinks Displays a list of pages linking to this page. I use it on all publication pages.
Blockquote Simply formats a very nice blockquote, I use it when editing, especially when publishing articles on the wiki.
Changes Lists recently changed pages. I use it with changes_plugin dokuwiki>some modifications on the frontpage, and in the sidebar
Columns Enables three-column layout on the frontpage
Emphasis This lets me use and to mark text yellow. I use it for typed comments when importing highlights, and to mark things when typing key ideas. Wish that it would allow other markup, especially wikilinks
Hidden I use this plugin to embed the entire BibTeX citation on publication pages
Htag This is crucial - I really dislike the multiple ==== to mark headers, and h1, h2 etc is so much easier to type, and looks much cleaner
Include This is also key, it lets you include a wiki page in another wikipage. I use it extensively on the publication pages (see anatomy_of_a_publication_page, and on the author pages (to pull in publication lists)
Orphans wanted I use this on the frontpage to show me the pages I have linked to the most often, that don't yet exist (but probably should)
Pagequery I use this to create the nice page lists on all pages, and all authors
Refnotes I don't actually use this plugin right now, but it was a huge inspiration for developing my own simpler plugin]]
404Manager This lets me directly edit a page if a link goes to a page that doesn't exist. Makes page creation much faster and smoother.
Batch edit Lets you quickly make changes to lots of files
Dblclickedit Supposed to make it possible to edit by double-clicking. Doesn't always work, but good idea
Save and edit A small change, but important one - lets me save pages with CTRL+S

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