Anderson (2009) Using Professional Forums to Assess Historians' E-Resource Needs


Purpose: This article seeks to suggest that pedagogical forums published in two major professional associations' publications can contribute to the literature on collection for academic historians. Design/methodology/approach: The author surveys the literature on historians' information needs and surveys articles published in the pedagogical forums for what they reveal about historians' use of electronic resources. Findings: The forums provide useful bibliographic information regarding e-resources for faculty and collection officers alike; additionally, they provide a useful starting point for discussions of desired learning outcomes, leading to better support for teaching/curricular needs. Research limitations/implications: Findings are limited to academic historians and are also skewed toward US historians, since more articles on e-resources appeared in the forum dedicated to US-historical pedagogy than in the forum encompassing historians of all areas. Practical implications: Similar research could be done on pedagogical forums in other academic fields. Originality/value: This paper examines a field's pedagogical methodology to draw conclusions about collections management for that field

Citation Anderson, J. E. (2009). Using Professional Forums to Assess Historians' E-Resource Needs. Collection Building, 28(1), 4–8. URL

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BibTex entry for this article:

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Collections management, Electronic media, History, Teaching, University libraries