Lloyd (2014) Editorial: "Anything Goes?"


This special issue arises out of an annual conference of the Australasian Humour Studies Network (AHSN). These have been held for two decades, but despite that longevity and the fact that the word Australasian refers to Australia and New Zealand, it was not until 2014 that the first AHSN conference was held in New Zealand, with the theme “Anything Goes?”. As befits the study of humour, two meanings were intended. First, papers were welcomed on the limits of humour: does anything go in humour, and if not, what is too far and how do we know we have reached that point, and what happens thereafter? Second, partly because we wanted to guarantee good attendance, papers were welcomed on almost anything - participants were free to drop the question mark and present on their wide ranging interests in humour. There were many good papers amongst the latter; however, this special issue collects seven papers that did take the question mark seriously, addressing in varied ways the question of the limits of humour.

Citation Mike Lloyd (2014). Editorial: “Anything Goes?”. European Journal of Humour Research, vol. 2 no. 4, pp. 1–8. Article

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BibTex entry for this article:

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Key ideas


alteration, description, humorous mode, limits