Minix (2004) Political Cartoons: A Research Note


As an observer and analyst of American and international politics both vocationally and ad vocationally for the past 30 some years, political cartoons have always fascinated me. And, I have always said that if I had any artistic talent, I would have been a cartoonist. But, given the fact that I have no artistic talent, and only limited political insight, my career path was pre-ordained–that of an academic. Of course, if you look at who draws those damn pictures, you might think they were academics. “Put today's cartoonists together in a room and you will find a sea of 200 casually clad white males, their ranks interrupted with only an occasional flash of skirt or alternate skin tone. Most cheerfully admit to being social misfits in their earlier days: a stutterer, nerd, or general adolescent ne'er- do-well who used his or her quick-draw humor to win friends and gain notoriety.

Citation Dean A. Minix (2004). Political Cartoons: A Research Note. Southwestern Journal of International Studies, vol. March, pp. 75–81. Article

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BibTex entry for this article:

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