Vandenberg et al. (2010) Dynamically Generating Context-Relevant Sub-Webs

Authors: Vandenberg, Art and Vaishnavi, Vijay K. and Duraisamy, Saravanaraj and Deng, Tianjie


There is unprecedented growth of Web information but challenges on mining this vast information resource remain. This paper addresses designing an effective prototype tool that dynamically generates sub-webs of information from a web-based resource (World Wide Web or a subset). Sub-webs present context-relevant results to individuals or groups. Given that the prototype tool is technically implemented from multiple components, each of which has efficacy, there still remains the challenge of devising an appropriate evaluation of the complete model. This is difficult when the search scope is the entire World Wide Web and a vast number of result pages are technically good on Recall but low on Precision. This paper describes an iterative approach to finding an effec- tive technical prototype using an evaluation method that can a) reasonably model the search environment of the World Wide Web and b) provide convinc- ing metrics for evaluating efficacy of solutions.

Citation Art Vandenberg, Vijay K. Vaishnavi, Saravanaraj Duraisamy, Tianjie Deng (2010). Dynamically Generating Context-Relevant Sub-Webs. Global Perspectives on Design Science Research, vol. 6105 no. 1, pp. 270–285. Article

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BibTex entry for this article:

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Key ideas



context, evaluation, metrics, sub-web, web mining