To Awaken A Sleeping Giant (2003) by Benjamin Bergen

Citation Benjamin Bergen (2003). To Awaken A Sleeping Giant. Book

BibTex entry for this book:

BibTex entry for this book:

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Key ideas


1) Political cartoons provide a means of expressing usually critical political and social commentary, through a visual format that may include images, words, or both. Like other editorial outlets, they both reflect and influence trends in public thought. (p. 2)

2) Political cartoons are also an independent source of evidence on the creative use of cognitive mechanisms such as conceptual integration (or blending - see Fauconnier & Turner 2002), conceptual metaphor (Lakoff & Johnson 1980, Lakoff 1993, and Kövecses 2002), and cultural models (Holland & Quinn 1987). (p. 2)

3) Political cartoons are a source ripe for cognitive linguistic analysis. They make use of many of the same mechanisms that everyday as well as political language do. (p. 2)

4)There are some stumbling blocks, though, in studying cognitive linguistic mechanisms in editorial cartoons: First, because editorialists take varied perspectives, it is often difficult to disentangle the message they wish to convey from the tools used to express it. (p. 2)

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