The Craft Of Research (2008) by Wayne C. Booth et al.

Booth, Wayne C. and Colomb, Gregory G. and Williams, Joseph M.
Citation Wayne C. Booth, Gregory G. Colomb, Joseph M. Williams (2008). The Craft Of Research (Third). Chicago. University of Chicago Press. ASIN 1)

BibTex entry for this book:

BibTex entry for this book:

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Booth, W. C., Colomb, G. G., Williams, J. M. (2008). The Craft of Research. Chicago.

Chapter outline

  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 3
  • Chapter 4
  • Chapter 5
  • Chapter 6
  • Chapter 7
  • Chapter 8
  • Chapter 9
  • Chapter 10

Key ideas


Kindle highlights

  • I'm working on X because I want to find out Y so that I (and you) can better understand Z (loc=427)
    • Note: True!
  • start with what most interests you. (loc=457)
  • Keep a journal in which you reflect on your progress. (loc=757)
  • Break the task into manageable steps and know that they are mutually supportive. (loc=758)
  • Start a keyword search with the specific terms that you used to narrow your topic-for (loc=827)

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