Europeans Only (1960) by David Marais

Citation David Marais (1960). Europeans Only. Cape Town. Jan Botha Publishers. book

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BibTex entry for this book:

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EUROPEANS ONLY - A Collection of Cartoons by David Marais

  • Drawn by David Marais
  • Published by Jan Botha Publishers
  • Citadel Press
  • Cape Town
  • 10th November 1960


  • 124 pages
  • 135 cartoons
  • From November 4th, 1957
  • To November 17th, 1960

Foreward by Harry Lawrence M.P.:

It was Lloyd George who said that a politician is a person with whose policies you don't agree; if you agree with him he is a statesman. That was a barbed verbal shaft without a poisoned head. To me it symbolises the technique which this young South African, David Murray, has developed so brilliantly in his cartoons which have come into prominence in the past three years.

The art of the cartoonist is to parody real-life the purpose. Some would describe it as a phase of visual propaganda. In applying themselves to the task cartoonist employ varying methods, some of them cruel, some crude. In verbal battles I have always believed that the rapier is more effective than the bludgeon. And it is this rapier approach that distinguishes Marias' work in the political sphere and imparts to it a shattering cut and thrust.

This is particularly valuable in the context of the South African scene where so often politicians take themselves far too seriously, and the public in consequence are in danger of losing a sense of proportion through having to listen to or read far too many humourless dissertations.

In a country where politics have assumed the role of a major industry there is a special need for politicians to develop an ability to laugh at themselves. On the whole that quality has been lacking to a considerable extent in the past. But now that would the referendum is out of the way and we are about to enter a new phase in the history of our young country, it is a matter for serious consideration whether the republican Constitution should not make it imperative for every aspirant politician to study this book of David Marias' political fun and frolic.

True wit is nature to advantage dressed, What oft was thought, but ne'er near so well expressed.

Marias does not depend upon that of cynicism for his effects. Rather does he rely on seeking to reveal the truth on an impish facility to probe a vulnerable chink in the armour of some public figure, whether it be a Prime Minister was civic dignitary.

He can be devastating, but is never devilish. He has a natural and superb gift for cutting through pomposity and getting down to the crux of the matter.

I warmly welcome the publication of these cartoons in book form and commend them to all take an interest in public affairs. They represent a valuable addition to the political history of South Africa - this country of ours to whom much should be forgiven for the splendour of a record in the past.

Harry Lawrence ~ Cape Town ~ 10th November 1960

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