I Got A Licence (1962) by David Marais

Citation David Marais (1962). I Got A Licence. Cape Town. Books of Africa (Pty) Ltd. book

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BibTex entry for this book:

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I GOT A LICENCE - A New Collection of Cartoons by David Marais

  • Drawn by David Marais
  • Published by Books of Africa (Pty) Ltd.
  • Cape and Transvaal Printers Limited
  • Cape Town
  • 6th November 1962


  • 125 pages
  • 154 cartoons
  • From November 18th, 1961
  • To November 6th, 1962

Foreward by Sen. H. A. Fagan:

D.C. Boonzaaier - that well-known cartoonist of an earlier generation - once said to me: “A cartoon is the strongest political weapon. You can answer an argument with an argument, but you cannot answer a joke with the joke.“

Truth in the garb of a jest - that, I think, is what a good cartoon should be.

And how well do David Murray's cartoons fit into this definition!

There is no bitterness in them - just a wholesome injection of good-natured humour into the seriousness which is so apt to be overdone in our political life.

Maria is partisan in the sense that he is watching the combat from the side of one of the contesting groups, looking at it through the group’s eyes and sharing its feelings.

But his weapon - satire – though very effective indeed, is not one that wounds. Those against whom it is directed not hurt, they find themselves being laughed at - and what can they do but join in the laughter? To those of us who enjoy his cartoons as they appear in the Cape Times they are not only good entertainment; they direct our minds to the high-lights of the political scene, they pinpoint the features in it that are of outstanding importance. The amusing pictures by which is those features are presented, and the clever caricatures of the personalities involved, add a special interest to the occurrences and impress the all the more firmly on our minds and in our memories.

It follows that a collection of David Murray's cartoons of the past 12 months - and that is what this book gives us - is a diary of the year gone by, a travelogue film of its history, throwing afresh on the screen of our memory events that stirred us when we lived through them, giving us glimpses again of not only the factual episodes but also of the moods and emotions that accompanied them or were aroused by them.

I warmly welcomed the appearance of this book, and am proud to number myself amongst the David Marias admirers who will derive pleasure and delight from paging through it not once but many times.

H.A. Fagan ~ Cape Town ~ 6th November 1962

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Yes, David Marais (that's a self-portrait in the centre) is at it again, lampooning the politicians and people of the Republic. This is the third collection of the work of this popular cartoonist and, like its predecessors EUROPEANS ONLY and “HEY! VAN DER MERWE” is certain to be a best-seller.


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