Out Of This World (1963) by David Marais

Citation David Marais (1963). Out Of This World. Cape Town. Books of Africa (Pty) Ltd. book

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BibTex entry for this book:

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OUT OF THIS WORLD - A New Collection of Cartoons by David Marais

  • Drawn by David Marais
  • Published by Books of Africa (Pty) Ltd.
  • Cape and Transvaal Printers Ltd
  • Cape Town
  • November 1963


  • 92 pages
  • 113 cartoons
  • From November 8th, 1962
  • To October 30th, 1963

Foreword by Mary Renault:

While Troy was burning, and the widows of its fallen warriors were waiting to be shipped as slaves, Queen Hecuba consoled herself with the thought that so large-scale a disaster would make them “a theme for music, and the songs of men to come.”

Mary Renault ~ Camps Bay ~ November, 1963

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