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Chapter 4 ~ verschuren2010designing ~ Research Questions

Citation Piet Verschuren, Hans Doorewaard (2010). Designing a Research Project (Second). The Hague, Netherlands. Eleven International Publishing. Book

Tables and figures

  • Figure 4.1 Three methods for deriving research questions
  • Figure 4.2 Research framework catastrophe insurance
  • Figure 4.3 Scheme of the first central question
  • Figure 4.4 Scheme of the second central question
  • Figure 4.5 A scheme of the third central question
  • Figure 4.6 Research framework ABC
  • Figure 4.7 Research framework Phoenix
  • Figure 4.8 Company medical officers
  • Figure 4.9 Example of a tree diagram (core concept, dimension, aspect and sub-aspect)
  • Figure 4.10 Tree diagram of 'co-ordination' in connection with the development of a computer system
  • Figure 4.11 Parts and sub-parts of the concept 'co-ordination' that need to be studied in more detail
  • Figure 4.12 Research framework AGB/JOVA
  • Figure 4.13 Tree diagram for the concept of 'design business units'
  • Figure 4.14 Tree diagram 'management of organisational change'
  • Figure 4.15 Diagram of the selected aspects of 'design business units' and 'management of organisational change' as critical factors of success regarding the implementation of business units

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